a magazine dedicated to creative women. 

what we do is what we love.

topknot magazine is dedicated to modern women of design, art, fashion, architecture & culture. women with aspiration. for their career, their passion, their children and sometimes all at the same time.

we portrait female icons, entrepreneurs and simply women who we look up to and whose work we admire. you can see this magazine as the compendium of a research process which analyses where women stand right now. at the same time we want to encourage to dream big and think outside of gender stereotypes. we believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. everybody should, right?
— laura lindenmann & tina tenkmann

chimamanda ngozi adichie / dillon 

marina hörmanseder / julija goyd 

nina traiser / shosh israeli / sharokina 

ariane ernst  / erin case / kerstin stephan 

oli rath / susan lipp / alex lobos

why topknot?

the topknot might be the most expressive statement hairdo there is. put up as high as a crown it also expresses bold practicability. its intention couldn’t be clearer:

» get sh*t done. «


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editors and art directors

tina tenkmann & laura lindenmann